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Free betting challenge
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Contest rules

Free betting contest rules


  • Participation in the contest is totally free, with no obligations or responsibility.

  • The contest involves guessing the results of football matches, which are played in the real world of the leading European leagues.

  • Bets can be placed only by the registered players. To register, click on the "Register" link at the home page.

  • Choose your login (any name) and optionally give the login of the player, who informed you about the contest.

  • To win cash prizes from the sponsors, you will also need to be registered at each of them (e.g. at Sportingbet) and give us the login, which you use there.
  • Betting

  • After logging in, go to "Bet" section and choose the league, on which you want to bet (e.g. Italian league).

  • You will se a list of matches, on which you can bet. Next to every match there are three fields to choose from: “1”, “X”, “2”. You can bet by marking one of them.

  • By choosing „1” you bet that the home team (the first team) is going to win.

  • By choosing “X” you bet on the draw.

  • By choosing „2” you bet that the guests are going to win (the second team).

  • For example, in AC Milan – Cagliari match, “1” means the victory of Milan, and “2” Cagliari. The goal result is unimportant. Regardless of the 8-1 or 2-0 result, they both indicate the victory of the home team.

  • You can bet on any number of matches from a given turn. You may bet on all of them, you can bet on some.

  • BE CAREFUL! For every well guessed result you will be given 1 point. But if you fail to predict the result, you will lose 0,6 point! This means that it is pointless to bet on the matches on spec. If you are not sure what to choose, it is better to leave a match.

  • After placing your bet, you can always change it. Of course only when a given match has not started yet :).

  • You can place your bets until 1 hour before the beginning of a given match.
  • Summarizing the results

  • As the official match results we consider the results given in media, e.g. at web pages, such as or

  • Let us say that in the above example, Milan – Cagliari match ended with 3-1 result. So if you bet on the victory of Milan, you score 1 point, because you were right and Milan actually won. But if you trusted in Cagliari and chose “2”, or bet on draw “X” – you were wrong and lost 0,6 point!

  • Attention – in the case of cup matches matters the result, which came off in the regular 90 minutes. We don’t take into account the playoffs or penalties.

  • After the end of all the matches we will sum up the players’ points and announce the results.

  • Your results will be shown in "My picks" page, and if you will be among the best ones – also in the home page.

  • If the players score the same number of points, the place in the table will be decided upon: more bets on “X” results, more bets on “2” results, drawing.

  • The best players of the week will be given valuable prizes. Their full list can be found HERE and every week – at the contest home page.

  • All the questions concerning rules, prizes and other may be asked via our discussion forum. There will be always someone, who will come up with an answer or help.