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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

I General provisions

1. Organizer

1.1 The organizer and initiator of the contest is Silvan International Coorporation, Majuro, Marshal Islands. Correspondence address : Suite 12618 2nd Floor 145-157 St John Street, EC1V 4PY London.

2. Sponsors

  • 2.1 All the prizes come directly from the sponsors. The sponsors of the prizes in the contest are: Oddsring, Sportingbet Group, Comeon, Expekt, and Betclic
  • 3. Participants

  • 3.1 All the Internet users in the world can participate in the contest. The contest is international.

  • 3.2 Every user can participate in the contest only once (i.e. register only one account). People, who register many accounts will be in perpetuity disqualified.

  • 3.3 The personal data of the users is treated as confidential and it will be used only for organizational aims, connected with the contest itself.

  • 3.4 The Organizer has the full right to disqualify a contest participant in the case of detecting or assuming cheating or abuse made by the participant.
  • 4. Contest

  • 4.1 The contest is free and made for entertainment. The participation in the contest is not connected with any responsibility, and the personal data of the participants is classified.

  • 4.2 The contest includes guessing the results of football matches. The detailed rules are available at “contest rules” page.

  • 4.3 The results of the contest are published at the home page of the service.

  • 4.4 For the best players prizes are provided.
  • 5. Prizes

  • 5.1 All the prizes in the contest are given by the contest sponsors.

  • 5.2 The Organizer does not take responsibility for the sponsors not meeting the obligations concerning prizes and their delivery to the winners. In the case of such a situation, the organizer obliges to give up the cooperation with a given sponsor.

  • 5.3 All the prizes will be delivered to the winners within 21 working days from the date of announcement of the results.

  • 5.4 Cash prizes from the sponsors: Comeon, Sportingbet, Oddsring, and Betclic and Expekt are available only for the adults.

  • 5.5 The current prize list is available at page,Prizes,183.html
  • II Detailed provisions

    6. Prize awarding – general information

  • 6.1 The prizes are divided into 4 groups: weekly, monthly, general and partnership prizes.

  • 6.2 Weekly prizes are awarded at the end of every week to the winners of the given matchday in each of the leagues. Who is the winner is shown in the table of a given matchday, in the “classification” section.

  • 6.3 Monthly prizes are awarded at the end of month, to the winners of monthly classifications in the given leagues. Who is the winner is shown in a proper table in “classification” section.

  • 6.4 General prizes are awarded at the end of the contest (July 2015) to the winners of the given leagues and classification of the times. Who is the winner of a given league is shown in a proper general table at „classification” section.

  • 6.5 The contact between all the material prizes winners and the organizer is via e-mail (the address is given during the registration process.). The organizer asks for the address, to which the prize is sent.

  • 7. Cash prizes sponsored by Comeon, Oddsring, Sportingbet, Expekt and Betclic

  • 7.1 Cash prizes sponsors in the contest are: Comeon, Sportingbet, Oddsring, Betclic and Expekt, with the following web pages:,,, and

  • 7.2 Cash prizes from above sponsors are available only for adults. In the case of winning a cash prize by an underage user, the prize will not be awarded.

  • 7.3 One player can win only one prize from a given sponsor monthly.

  • 7.4 The main condition for getting a cash prize in the form of deposit at the sponsor’s account is giving during the registration your login at the sponsor’s Internet webpage.

  • 7.5 Getting your login at sponsor’s service means setting up a player’s account there. The process of obtaining the login (registration) is totally free and does not entail any obligations.

  • 7.6 If the player win a cash prize, the organizer will give the sponsors the login, which is used by the user at the sponsor’s internet service.

  • 7.7 Cash prize will be paid into the user’s account within 21 working days.

  • 7.8.1 The cash prize must be used five times within the range of services offered by the sponsor’s Internet service. (Comeon, Sportingbet)

  • 7.8.2 The cash prize must be used five times with minimum odds 2.0 within the range of services offered by the sponsor’s Internet service. (Oddsring, Betclic, Expekt)

  • 7.9 After fulfilling condition form point 7.8.1 and 7.8.2 user can payout a cash prize (as well as all the benefits) into his bank account

  • 7.10 In the case of the use of the prize in services offered by the sponsor, detailed regulations of a given sponsor, published at their Web pages, are applicable.
  • III Final provisions

    8. Contest rules modifications

  • The Organizer of the contest has the right to free modification of the contest rules, prize list and the provisions themselves. All the users must obey the current rules.
  • 9. Issues not settled in contest rules

  • The organizer of the contest has the right to make any decisions in the case of the issues not settled herein.
  • 10. Contact

  • Contact with the organizer is possible via e-mail: info('at')

  • Last modification of the regulations: 17-07-2014